Pet Bean Bags: Fit for a King

Posted by Pusku Pusku 26/10/2018 0 Comment(s)

At Bean Bag Furniture, we believe everyone deserves a comfy spot - including our pets. After all, when it comes to appreciating comfort our beloved furry friends won’t settle for less than the royal standard. But that doesn’t mean having to pay a pretty penny. Not only are our pet bean bags very affordable but they also come in a variety of colours and sizes. From teacup Chihuahuas to big Labradors we have a bean bag to fit all. Made from polyester you can choose plain fabric or for extra comfort, quilted. All our bean bags are handmade, come with an inside bag (polystyrene granule filling) and have a washable external bag.


The Making of Pet Bean Bags

At Bean Bag Furniture we recognise that pets are different to humans and have different needs. The strongest most effective fabrics for pet bean bags meant is polyester - which may be coated with other materials to enhance their durability and resistance. For livelier pets who like nothing more than a good roll in the mud the durable outer fabric will easily withstand constant washing without quality loss. For the more playful types who like to exercise their little sharp teeth and claws you won’t have to worry about the bag being torn to shreds.


Filling You In

The type of filling in the dog bed is important and some natural fillers like seed husks or dry rice are impractical as they can be sharp, lumpy and absorb water. We use only the highest quality polystyrene granules (ES70) which are made in Ireland and are EU standard fire retardant.


Size is Everything

When choosing the size of a pet bean bag there are two factors to take into consideration, the size of your pet and the size of your room.  Being one of the most ergonomic types of furniture there is - the beauty of bean bags are their flexibility power - the ability to shape itself to the weight and dimensions of whatever or whoever is resting on it. When it comes to size the bean bag should at least be slightly larger than your pet. And depending on where the bean bag is going to be situated, living room, kitchen or utility - the bean bag can be two to three times the size of your pet.  


Pet Bean Bag Tips

• To further protect the bean bag from parasites, bacteria and mould we recommend visiting your local pet store and choosing from a variety of flea and antifungal sprays. This will have health benefits not just for your pet but for you too.  

• During summer time when your pet prefers to lounge around outside, check out your local hardware store for a fabric coating that will protect against ultraviolet radiation. This will prevent sun fade and keep the bean bags from losing their bright colours. Make sure the fabric coating is pet safe.


At Bean Bag Furniture we have every confidence that your pet will love their new bed.

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